Okinawa Branch Aki Oshiro

What I do

I am in charge of production and shipping. At the Okinawa Factory, we mainly process red squid according to the ordered specifications and ship them to our customers directly. Based on the orders, I discuss with the Production Manager to plan out the manufacturing schedule. I am also responsible for quality assurance and to make sure that the products meet the quality standards.

The orders and inventory are all controlled by a system shared with the Tokyo headquarters. I also check that all the materials are procured and managed so the daily operations run smoothly.

What I value

I started my career at Taishin as a processing staff, thinking that working in the production line would suit me better than facing clients or doing deskwork.
However, in my 2nd year, I was appointed to be responsible for shipping and started to put more time and effort into confirming the purchase orders and checking the product quality. This is when I started to realize that with more responsibility, the more value and enjoyment I got from my job.

仕事のやりがい In my 5th year, I began to attend the monthly management meetings. Everything was new to me and I appreciate the support from my colleagues who helped me learn how to become more involved in the business. Everything started from learning how to use the PC and speak to the clients on the phone.

As I start my 15th year, I look forward to giving back to the company by passing over these lessons to the younger employees. My mission is to lead these newer employees to feel the spark and joy in their jobs, just as I found mine.

Why Taishin

I am based in Taishin’s branch office and factory in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture. This factory was established 15 years ago, and since, Taishin has produced many different kinds of products, even mozuku (vinegared seaweed) and burger patties (made of fish). Currently the factory processes red squid, one of the key products of the business. Ever since we enforced the procurement of the red squid, its cost has risen up to the levels of tuna, the most popular fish in Japan. This has contributed to the wellbeing of the local fishermen in Okinawa. Since my grandfather was also an uminchu (traditional way of calling fishermen in Okinawa. Umi=sea, chu=person), I am very proud to be part of this business.

Why 太新 Because Taishin holds very high quality standards, I ask the fishermen also to keep this in mind. This involves teaching our methods and working together to improve the entire system. I feel that these interactions help not only the business but the community as a whole.


皆さんへのメッセージ I knew nothing about the fish industry on my first day at Taishin.
Our CEO often says,“ A fresh and open mind can generate creative ideas.” This is quite true. From my experiences so far, I feel that it is not the industry knowledge that matters. It is the amount of effort and thought you put in to thinking about the end customers that really change your attitude and ideas. This is exactly why Taishin welcomes any newcomer, anyone with a fresh and open mind.

In Okinawa, just like at the headquarters in Tokyo, the tutoring system helps any new employee jump right in with one on one support. Are you ready to get started? Come join us in Okinawa!