customer-driven product development

Our intimate alliance with producers (independent and JFA* members), distributors, retail and restaurants enables us to consolidate customer needs and react quickly to emerging changes in preferred flavors, eating habits, nutritional needs and other factors related to food culture.
*Japan Fishery Association

sustainable, high quality, and affordable

We partner and exchange ideas with local fishermen and producers to produce the best quality fish (wild-caught and fish-farmed) to offer all season. Producers, many of whom operate as a family, have farming expertise of multiple generations and continue to test new techniques for even better taste.

delicate techniques enhancing natural taste

Fish are processed and vacuum packed in the facilities owned by Taishin and its partners.
We accept a range of requests and tailor the products accordingly, such as slicing the sashimi piece a millimeter thicker or adding a pinch more of salt into our recipes.

safe and speedy delivery

Optimized distribution routes and cutting-edge cold chain methods keep the products fresh, some not frozen but only chilled, which maintain the texture, taste and the beauty of the fish just as they were at origin.