Yoko Tabata Founder and Chair


Welcome to the Taishin website. We’re delighted you have an interest in us and in what we do.

For over 20 years, we have continued to serve our customers with fresh and safe marine products through a “fast track” distribution method established and optimized throughout the years. Our model has directly connected our customers to the fish farmers and producers located at the seas all over Japan, tailoring the products to fit their needs and wants.

We wish to promise here that we will continue to aim high at filling the world with innovative and highly value-added merchandise and services that derive from the amicable, strategically collaborative and mutually beneficial relations with our talented partners nationwide, from those on the boats to those shelving in the supermarkets. Needless to say, we can only achieve this role when each function, “fishery”, “fish-raising (farming)”, “processing”, “storing” and “logistics (distribution)” works hand in hand.

Since the establishment in 1996, I have maintained an “offensive” management style and pursued the blue ocean strategy, ranging from the innovation of unique and high quality products to the transformation of the supply chain in further improving speed and quality. As you can see on our “history” page, we have tackled many projects, even in the midst of rapid social and economic changes, which has enabled us to establish our unique business model and game-changing innovation in the Japanese fish market.

En route to further innovation in the next decade, we aspire to stay proactive and live the corporate motto, “Proceeding to the Next,” as we continue to become a lead provider of Japan’s best meal solutions. Moreover, we will continue to actively carry out duties for better corporate foundation, healthy financials, reinforced risk-management, and sustainability and will identify and perform our corporate social responsibility for the well-being of all.

Thank you for your kind support and everlasting patronage.

Founder & Chair Yoko Tabata
Founder & Chair Yoko Tabata 田端 陽子