Yoko Tabata Founder and Chair


Welcome to Taishin. We’re delighted you have an interest in us and in what we do.
Over the last quarter century, our business has grown and created new value to our partners,
customers, consumers, and the wider community in the seafood industry.

Since its founding in 1996, Taishin has been dedicated to deliver the freshest, high-quality seafood
and simultaneously build resilient, sustainable ecosystems in every corner of Japan: from
catching/farming, processing, and delivering.

We will continue to create new value and meet the needs of our stakeholders, by staying agile and
leveraging our collective efforts with our partners in overseeing all species of marine life.

As our planet faces massive challenges today, we are once again committed to put sustainability at
the heart of our strategy. First, to strengthen our efforts to prioritize the SDGs and preserve life under
water. We will also work hand in hand with our stakeholders towards implementing the MSC and
ASC standards.

Thank you for your interest and kind support.

Founder & Chair Yoko Tabata
Founder & Chair Yoko Tabata 田端 陽子