Sales Department Fumitaka Ogiya

What I do

You may imagine a full fish being shipped to the grocery store, sliced behind the seafood section at the store, then shelved as filet, sashimi or sushi. Taishin completely transformed this traditional process. Taishin enabled store managers to cut their time and cost by directly delivering vacuum packed pieces of fish, already sliced and seasoned as directed.

What I do Image I work with mostly large wholesalers and sushi chain restaurants. I offer ideas on where to procure, how to distribute, and how to sell. And together, we build new ideas for their products. Cultivating new markets is my current mission, especially the non-sushi restaurant chains, so that more customers will have more chances to explore and enjoy our great seafood products.

What I value

In addition to product quality and safety, trust is vital in building my career and expanding the business. To build trust with my clients, I take them to each origin of our products to show how the fish is fished/raised, processed and delivered. I want to make sure the customer feels satisfied with every bit before purchasing.
On these trips, the producers teach me something new every time, and the more knowledgeable I become, the more confident I can be when facing my clients. Also, the local food I get to enjoy all over Japan is something to look forward to! Taishin offers fish mainly caught or raised in Kyushu, Okinawa and Shikoku regions. It is a delight to share so much with my clients and build stronger relationships.

Why Taishin

I was in sales at my previous job as well but had no knowledge of fish at all when I joined Taishin. I was confident though that I will do well if my work involved something I love, and that was“ food.” Out of all the kinds of food, fish. As an outdoor lover, going out to the ocean is also part of the fun. Taishin also applies the annual income scheme from the second year. Being in sales, I believe this is quite attractive and pushes me to challenge every day.


We welcome anyone from any industry. You may pick up quicker with prior experience working in the fish industry, but the trainings and the conversations within the company and with our partners/producers will prepare you enough.

Messages Image If you join sales, simply accompanying a senior colleague will help you understand customer needs and develop the skills you need for sales. When I joined Taishin, I didn’t understand many technical terms, mostly jargon used in the food/fish industry. We will teach you and support you through the learning process. I hope you will join us to make an immediate impact on what people eat and ensure that good food touch and improve everyone’s lives