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While the present society and dietary culture are rapidly changing, merchandise and services in development stages may soon come short of those real uses in near future. Thus, we need to move further ahead looking for a newer tomorrow.
"Upstream" and "Downstream" in systematic synergy
Taishin handles high-quality items. We strive to provide customers with the value-added merchandise. This is our corporate mission as a trading corporation toward 21st century in the field of marine products. In short, the key is how Taishin plans to present raw foodstuffs being supplied from "upstream" multi-vendors. From that point on, with our unique valued-added marketing concept, we customize and fit them into each client's needs at different arenas of so-called "downstream" Taishin considers that our ultimate role is to create and present new ways of our supply methods to the new incessant needs.

Stereotyped way of thinking can be shifted from one aspect to another often by simply switching the observatory angle toward a thing. In this way, cross-sections that are not seen special suddenly become very importantly meaningful. This may happen to lead marketers to development of the value-added merchandise that the present time specifically needs the most. This is Taishin's foreseeing power.

In order to satisfy with the needs of our customers, Taishin coordinates with its suppliers and makers sharing marketing strategies in common such as looking for new services, promoting discoveries and developments of new merchandise. Furthermore, Taishin, with its partners, will aim at the expansion of our scope of business.

Establishing integrated networking and collaboration systems in the area of "Fishery", "Fish-raising (farming)", "Processing", "Storage" and " Logistics"(Distributions Channels) are indispensable, thus, with this combination working together hand in hand, Taishin can emphasize and express our unique strength at its best, while maintaining mutually beneficial strategic relations with our partners.